April 1942


Abbekerk under way and Colombo under attack

5th of April 1942. In retrospect, Abbekerk’s officers were rightfully sceptic with the ‘safe’ route they were given by the navy. Without knowing it they follow, just one week behind, the Japanese battle fleet Kido Butai which is going to...


Colombo: (not so) inconspicuous arrival

16th of April. Abbekerk approaches Ceylon with her crew knowing from overheard radio signals that the Japanese have wreaked havoc and that it is not unlikely there are still enemy forces in the area. Everybody is on full alert. A...


Colombo. Waiting for the Japs to leave

23 april 1942. Colombo. In the port of Colombo we took in the much needed provisions. The Captain went ashore to visit the agent and Admiralty House to discuss the route to be followed to Abadan. Here he heard much...