Stories: A.W. Kik’s memoires

August 1942, Atlantic (1)


The Caribbean Sea with all its islands to hide behind was the playground of the German submarines. Luckily we left the area unmolested and sailed into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Full steam ahead and of course steering ...
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Aug 1942, Atlantic (2)


Reality was soon restored. There was rowing to be done and calling to the other boat, which brought the two boats together. Also a raft was found and some men found some room on that for we were really a ...
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Autumn 1942, New York


In New York someone had let it be known that a ship with castaways had arrived and that was the reason why a large mobile canteen had arrived on the docks with a foursome of very friendly ladies in uniform ...
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How it continued


Now that I have started, I have decided also to tell the rest of my story. I had to move into a hotel and was barely settled in when I received a telephone call to ask me to come to ...
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This story has become much more than I ever intended to write. I must admit that writing on a computer - after a slow and difficult start - turned out not to be such a problem. I think ...
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  1. Jaap van der Boon says:

    Geweldig! Mijn vader was artillerist aan boord van de Abbekerk, Cornelis van der Boon (1917) inmiddels al 32 jaar overleden. Wel wat verhalen van hem gehoord, maar dit is veel meer gedetailleerd.

    Jaap van der Boon

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