The Routes

Abbekerk only made 6 voyages. 2 long voyages to Japan and Australia in peacetime. Halfway her 3de long voyage Holland was invaded by Germany and this voyage ended in England.

When you click a voyage below or in the menu on the right you will find detailed information on that route, dates, ports and sometimes her cargo.
The routes in green are in convoy, those in red independent.

Route first voyage
February 1939 - July 1939 Maiden Voyage: Hamburg – Singapore – Yokohama – Rotterdam Read more.
Route second voyage
July 1939 - January 1940 Rotterdam – Sydney – Capetown – New York – Rotterdam. Holland stil neutral, but Abbekerk's sistership is torpedoed anyway. Read more.
Route third voyage
January 1940 - June 1940 Rotterdam – Yokohama – Colombo – Capetown – Glasgow Abbekerk was secretly rerouted directly to Japan via the Panama Canal as the Pacific was seen as the safest area for a neutral ship. Read more.
Route fourth voyage
Augustus 1940 - April 1941 Glasgow - London - Glasgow Abbekerk was bombed and sunk in Albert Dock during The Blitz. Took half a year to get her sailing again. Read more.
Route fifth voyage
April 1941 - October 1941 Glasgow - Durban - Suez - Batavia - Panama Canal - Kingston -  Glasgow Around the world, but very limited information on this voyage. Read more.
Route sixth voyage
November 1941 - August 1942 Glasgow – Durban – Singapore – Tjilatjap – Fremantle – Basra – Trinidad – Atlantic "The Last Voyage" that ended in Mid Atlantic. Read more.

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