The Crew

Below you find two crewlists. One (complete) from the Australian National Archive of March 4 1942. The other one is derived from several sources such as the survivorslist on the back of the Dutch Movementcard, The Dutch Institute for Militairy History, The Dutch National Archive The Hague and family from the crew. On the last list the names from 9 of the 10 passengers aboard Abbekerk – probably English servicemen – are still missing.

On the bottom of the page I made a start to get names of people evacuate by Abbekerk from Tjilatjap Java. This list will never be complete as there are almost no records from the 1700 people aboard those chaotic days.

Nat Name Age Rank 03/42 08/42  
NL Bal, Philippus, Merchant Navy 31 Able Seaman x x  
NL Balk, Piet, Merchant Navy 20 Cook’s Mate   x Killed 24/08/42
BR Bell, I.H., Merchant Navy   Steward   x  
NL Berg, Gerrit, Merchant Navy 23 Able Seaman x x  
NL Blom, Job van der, Merchant Navy 48 Gunner   x  
NL Boelen, Lambertus, Merchant Navy 34 Boatswain (Bosun) x x  
SA Bond, Desmond, Merchant Navy   Wiper   x  
BR Boneham, George,   DEMS gunner x x  
NL Boon, Cornelis van der, Merchant Navy 23 Gunner x x  
NL Brasser, Jan, Merchant Navy 37 Steward   x  
BR Brittain, Leslie Francis, Merchant Navy 39 Wiper   x  
NL Corbesir, Carolus Antonius Agnes Anna, Merchant Navy 33 Third Engineer Officer x x  
BR Delaney, Robert,   DEMS gunner x x  
NL Dijk-Blok, Barend van, Merchant Navy 40 Steward   x  
NL Duynstee, Peter, Merchant Navy 28 Electrician x x  
BR Farrel, Harry, Merchant Navy   Steward   x  
BR Finn, Bernard, Merchant Navy   Steward   x  
NL Goedknegt, Arie, Merchant Navy 41 Able Seaman x x  
BR Harris, Frank, Merchant Navy 28 Able Seaman x x  
BR Hicks, Arthur, Merchant Navy 19 Able Seaman x x  
NL Kaars, Cornelis, Merchant Navy 31 Able Seaman x x  
NL Kerklaan, Petrus Johannes, Merchant Navy 37 Second Engineer Officer x x  
NL Kerkman, Evert, Merchant Navy 27 Carpenter x x  
NL Keulen, Johannes Kornelis van, Merchant Navy 45 Chief Engineer Officer x x  
NL Kik, Adriaan Willem, Merchant Navy 22 Fifth Engineer Officer x x  
NL Kikkert, Klaas, Merchant Navy 21 Fourth Officer x x  
NL Kramer, Minnekus, Merchant Navy 31 Able Seaman x x  
NL Laan, Geert Frederik van der, Merchant Navy 49 Chief Officer x x Killed 24/08/42
NL Liefveld, Barend Frederik, Merchant Navy 40 Greaser x x  
NL Maissan, Albertus Theodorus Gerardus, Merchant Navy 24 Second Cook   x  
NL Male, Dieles van der, Merchant Navy 25 Gunner x x  
BR McConville, Sidney, Merchant Navy 18 Boy   x  
BR McNab, Walter,   DEMS gunner x x  
NL Mutsert, Benjamin Reinier de, Merchant Navy 33 Chief Steward x x  
BR Parkinson, B.,   DEMS gunner x x  
NL Pielage, Jozeph Gerard, Merchant Navy 55 Cook x x  
NL Plumber, S., Merchant Navy   Assistant Engineer x x  
BR Rutherford, John, Merchant Navy 17 Boy x x  
NL Slegt, Cornelis Willem, Merchant Navy 35 Foreman x x  
NL Slingerland, Gijsbertus, Merchant Navy 29 Chief Radio Operator x x  
BR Soales, W.A., Merchant Navy   Able Seaman   x  
NL Soeren, Casper Adam van, Merchant Navy 24 Fifth Engineer Officer   x  
NL Tettero, Jacobus, Merchant Navy 53 Greaser ? x  
BR Thomas, H.K., Merchant Navy   Steward   x  
NL Vaart, Johannes van der, Merchant Navy 24 Greaser x x  
NL Versteeg, Johannes, Merchant Navy 23 Fourth Engineer Officer   x  
NL Visser, Adriaan Antonie de, Merchant Navy 21 Able Seaman x x  
NL Visser, Jacob, Merchant Navy 28 Third Officer x x  
NL Wessels, Pleun, Merchant Navy 26 Third Engineer Officer x x  
NL Wiarda, Jacob Klaas, Merchant Navy 34 Second Officer x x  
NL Wiedeman, Pieter Fransiscus, Merchant Navy 41 Greaser x x  
NL Wijker, Cornelis Johannes Hendrik, Merchant Navy 48 Master x x  
NL Willis, John, Merchant Navy   Wiper   x  
NL Zaal, Jacob, Merchant Navy 25 Radio Operator   x  
Br Wilson, Charles Burton   RAF Laeding Aircrafts Man   x  Passenger, transfered HMS Watchman
  A.H.P.M Jacker 25 3th mate (junior) x   Bunbury (Hospital)
  A. Postema   Chief Wireless operator x    
  M.C. Aernoutse   3rd engineer x   Bunbury (Hospital)
  P. Wessels   4th engineer x    
  E.B. Pronk   A.B. x    
  R. Terwijn   A.B.      
  J. Tetters   Greaser x   =Tettero?
  C. Nijs   Greaser x   Bunbury (Hospital)
  A.W. Kazen   Wiper x   Bunbury (Hospital)
  J. Willis   Wiper x    
  A.C. Vrijenhoek   Wiper x    
  D. van der Male   Gunner x    
  J.G. Pielage   Chief Cook x    
  H.W. Hes   Servant x   Bunbury (prison)
  W.F. Pedersen   2nd cook x    
  D. Bend   Servant x    
  • Herbertus Boender was killed in a accident in London on March 10, 1941 while part of Abbekerk’s crew

35th LAA

  • Geoff North**, Lt,35th LAA was aboard Abbekerk as commanding
    officer of the extra Bofors guns crew from Liverpool to Singapore. Left
    ship in Oosthaven.
  • 15 men

Tjilatjap evacuation to Fremantle (over 1700 men):

This list is far from complete and always under construction. All additions are welcome!

(I’m not very familiar with how military units were organized, so forgive (or correct) me if I use the wrong names of units or put men in the wrong place.)

FEAF Headquaters

  1. Willard (Bill) Heath*
  2. Major James E. Crane, M.D., Commanding Officer of the 801st. Med. Evac., 13th Air Force**

USS Marblehead (wounded):

  1. Oscar Rudie*
  2. Harold Hunter
  3. ??

320 Batallion AIF

  1. Maxwell George Holloway
  2. Alexander Henry Seymour
  3. Allan Sydney Venn


17th Persuit Squadron

  • 47 crew + 4 wounded pilots (

19th Bomb Group (source: A.B. “Buddy” Clark, and Mark D. Clark)

  • 30 officers
  • 106 men

7th Bomb Group

  • ?

Dutch Air Cadets (40-90?men)

  • 1st Luitenant vlieger-waarnemer H.A.J. Oostindiën
  • O.G. Ward
  • Johannes (Joop) Adriaan Deknatel


  • 15 US nationals (Australian national archive list)
  • 1 Dutch national (Australian national archive list)


  • Mrs Wilma Young (Australian national archive website)


3 Responses

  1. Anthony Wege says:

    I have researched and authored two books about small AIF units in Singapore February 1942, the 2/4 Reserve Motor Transport Company and the 27 Independent Brigade Group Ordnance workshop. A few soldiers from both these units (24 from the 2/4 RMTC; 8 from the 27 IBGOW) sailed on Abbekerk from Java to Fremantle 27 Feb to 6 March 1942. Their names are in the appropriate book. Both books are in the National Library of Australia Canberra and the Australian War Memorial Canberra

  2. Peter says:

    Beste Jos,
    Hartelijk dank voor je uitgebreide en gedetailleerde aanvullingen. Ze zijn inmiddels verwerkt in de lijsten hierboven.

  3. Jos Rozenburg says:

    Mooie website, goed gedaan! Ik heb je eerder twee keer getracht te mailen over de update van de bemanningslijst tijdens de torpedering. Helaas zie ik die update niet terug op de website, weet dus niet zeker of je deze wel hebt ontvangen. Gegevens zijn afkomstig van het WO2 archief LOCK (Londense Collectie Koopvaardij) bij het NIMH (Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie), waarin alle gegevens van het NLD koopvaardij personeel tijdens WO2 zijn vastgelegd. De updated gegevens van 54 (van totaal 64) opvarenden van de Abbekerk worden inmiddels wel correct weergegeven op de website

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