fotoalbum5I only managed to gather few pictures of Abbekerks short carreer. Especially during the war few pictures were made and since the ship was the sailors home – Holland was occupied – most of their belongings went down with the ship in august 1942. In my fathers picture album are pictures of Abbekerks voyages before the war and of his voyages during the war on SS Maaskerk. Its a little miracle that the prewar pictures exist since my fathers home in Middelburg was bombed and burned down in the first days of the war.
I divided the pictures in a small gallery for every voyage of Abbekerk plus extra gallery’s for Maaskerk and Adriaan Kik’s own picture album. You can also choose a gallery in the left sidebar.
(I’m still working on the caption and sources of the pictures.)

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  1. Peter says:

    Two remarks on the pictures after some research on the website of the dutch maritime museums:
    The one from the book with the officer overseeing the demolition of cars: this was taken in Oosthaven (Sumatra) a week earlier.
    (Situation was quite simular and Abbekerk was there at that time too)
    The folders are now confirmed from before the war since I found a folder/timetable from 1938 with the same pictures.

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