Route third voyage

January 1940 – June 1940

Rotterdam – Yokohama – Colombo – Capetown – Clyde (Glasgow)

Only after leaving Rotterdam Abbekerk was secretly rerouted directly to Japan via the Panama Canal as the Pacific was seen as the safest area for a neutral ship. When Germany invaded Holland Abbekerk was in Madras and rerouted to England via the Mediterannean Sea. With Italy obviously going to join Germany the Med was concidered too dangerous and Abbekerk was then rerouted via the Cape

Departure   Arrival   Remarks
Rotterdam Jan 27 Antwerp Feb 01 Potash
Dungeness Feb 18      
Balboa Mar 04 Yokohama Mar 25  
Yokohama Mar 28 Kobe Mar 29  
Kobe Mar 31 Shanghai Apr 03 coconuts
shanghai Apr 05 Hong Kong Apr 07 coconuts
Hong Kong Apr 08 Manila Apr 10  
Manila Apr 13 Miri Apr 16 steel, general cargo
Miri Apr 17 Singapore Apr 19  
Singapore Apr 20 Penang Apr 22  
Penang Apr 23 Madras May 04 rubber
Madras May 10     Germany invades Holland
Colombo May 12 Suez May 21 Independent, Suez Canal 26-5-1940 . Mediterranean too dangerous, now via Cape
Suez May 26 Aden May 30 Independent
Aden May 30 Capetown Jun 12 Independent
Capetown Jun 17 Freetown Jun 26 Independent
Freetown Jul 04 Belfast Lough Jul 20 Convoy SL.38F
    Clyde Jul 23 Degaussing, tested degaussing waiting convoy

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