Here you find a handfull of links to websites that were very usefull researching Abbekerks’ history.
Since websites and links on the internet tend to change often and using a searchengines (i.e. Google, Yahoo etc) today will come up with usefull links very easily, I stopped maintaining a long list of links.  But the next links are invaluable researching (merchant) ships in WWII:

And some forums:

  • Pacific War 1941-1945 Discussion on the war in the Pacific in general with a focus on the fall of The Dutch East Indies
  • Warsailors Forum Merchant navy during the war in general, Norwegian fleet in particular
  • MercantileMarine Forum* merchant navy during the war and the sailors in particular. very capable and helpful moderators. This forum unfortunately is not working anymore. I do hope it will come back)


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