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  1. Ivor Markman says:

    Hi there,
    I was recently given a pile of photographs documenting many of the ships which called in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Unfortunately they are not dated but the photographer did write the name of the ship on the back of many of the photos. One of these is of the Abbekerk. Please let me know if you would like a copy f the photo but I should warn you it is not the sharpest of photos as it is a huge enlargement. The shot was taken from the shore of the ship at sea. However, you can still make quite a lot of detail. I see one of your readers was looking for a photo of the ship.
    Kind regards,
    Ivor Markman.

  2. Eric Swenson says:

    If I understand correctly from this history video there were one German submarine sinking ships in the Mozambique channel. U862 captained by Heinrich Tim. Here is the video:

  3. Harry O"Neill says:

    To Roy Terry, I note with interest that your father was a radio operator on HMS Wallflower..
    My father was the leading telegraphist. I am wondering if your father kept any notes or diaries. Maybe he made mention of my father in them. My father was Harold Albert O’Neill, known as Alec..

  4. Dave says:

    Dear Peter: Most excellent story.Would you have a copy of this remarkable event in W.W.2 Merchant Ship History? Please advise as,I would very much like to have it for my records,Many thanks,Dave

  5. Peter says:

    The pictures are now included in the pictures of the sixth voyage

    Many thanks!


  6. Roy Terry says:

    Dear Sir
    My Father served on HMS Wallflower and I have a sequence of 5 photos from first sighting of MV Abbekerk’s lifeboats to the picture you have of one lifeboat alongside HMS Wallflower.
    If you do not have the other photos I can scan and email them to you if would like them.
    Roy Terry

  7. Sergey says:

    Good afternoon. My name is Sergey. I beg of you please tell me where you can view photos AMERSKERK 1941 – COBURG? 3 ship of this type. I do not believe that there are no photos of this ship! There should be some photos of what MS AMERSKERK! I look forward to your reply. With respect to you, Sergey

  8. Hello Would appreciate this story of your Father.Please send in English.Thank you,Dave

  9. M.F. van der Starre says:

    Bij toeval stuitte ik op de website van MS Abbekerk,als inwoner van Abbekerk werd mijn interesse gewekt.Ik wist van VOC schepen met de naam Abbekerk en van een naoorlogse Abbekerk.Maar dit schip en bemanning was mij nog onbekend.
    Daarnaast ben ik geinteresseerd in het verhaal – in overleg en met toestemmming – om dit te publiceren in het jaarboekje van de stichting Historisch Abbekerk en Lambertschaag.
    Ik wacht het antwoord af.

  10. Wiebe Visser says:


    Wellicht is het goed om nader contact te hebben. Mijn vader (Jacob Visser)was tweede stuurman op de Abbekerk toen deze verging. Mijn moeder heeft de VNS verwittigd van het verlies.

    Mijn vader heeft zijn memoires uitgewerkt, welke ik tot mijn beschikking heb.


    Wiebe Visser

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